Why We Are Here

diet lettuce

In 2012, Americans believed it easier to do taxes then figure out how to eat healthfully 1


You are what you eat

Fast food has become predominant today in our busy schedules.  So how do you go from convenience food to fresh and healthy?  It can be hard but knowledge and habit changes are the key. Fast and Fresh provides quick and easy meal ideas, details on choosing and storing fresh produce, time-saving recipes, articles on current health topics, and strategies to help you change your habits to a healthier eating lifestyle.

diet lettuce

Health is a lifestyle, not a media craze

Everyone has health goals and there are plenty of opinions thrown around about the perfect diet, the perfect weight, and the perfect get healthy quick scheme. Being healthy is going to mean something different for everyone. It is a step by step process every day, not a magic pill or secret exercise. Fast to Fresh will give you the resources to “step down” your bad eating habits so you can take control of your own health.

Food Makes the World Healthier Too

Food choices do not just affect you and your family, they impact your neighbor, that big farm across the state, the soil in Ecuador and the air in China.  Our global economy means we have a more interwoven food supply than ever before.  But to feed the world do we really need tons of pesticides, genetically modified fish, and factory farms?  We believe that healthy food and a healthy planet can go hand in hand.  We can feed the world and save the world without bankrupting your wallet.

Look to the Positive

This is NOT the place for panic, paranoia, and judgmental finger-pointing. We cannot even list all the bad things we can be doing for ourselves and I am not going to try. We will take a look at the good and the bad and just try to move past where we were yesterday. Healthy changes are helpful, stressing about them is not. Judging others on their health choices is not productive either. We cannot force anyone to change but hopefully everyone can learn at least some small steps that will turn their health for the better.



  1. 2012 Food & Health Survey: Consumer Attitudes toward Food Safety, Nutrition and Health. International Food Information Council Foundation. 22 May 2012. Web. 1 Jul 2014.