Resource Sites

I’m trying to keep a list of some good health reference sites.  This will be continually updated and I hope you can use some of these for your own health research.

USDA National Nutrient Database
Look up the nutrition values of over 8,000 foods.

Choose My
The My Plate has replaced the old food pyramid as the visual reference for healthy eating is the US.  The website gives information on each food group, recipes, and budget tips.

Food Policy & Ethics

Food Policy Action
A nonprofit organization that advocates for food policy better food policy relating to diet, transparency, ethics, etc.  Maintains a scorecard of food policy votes for American legislators.

Civil Eats
Daily news source about the American food system.  Features stories about food policy, ethics, sustainability, controversy… pretty much all things food.

Local & Sustainable Food

Local Harvest
Directory of CSAs, farms, and farmer’s markets near you.

Eat Wild
Directory of local pastured meat, dairy, and eggs.

Seafood Watch
Sustainable seafood recommendations and resources.

Sustainable Table
Food, water, and energy sustainability related to food and food production.  Contains a seasonal food guide, information about food waste, industrial agriculture, etc.

Cooking & Food Tips

Produce Converter
Need to know how many Cups are in 1 chopped apple?  Or how many lemons you need for 1/2 Cup of juice?  This is the website for you!  It has many conversion numbers for fruits, vegetables, herbs, and cheese.


Free online courses from major Universities with many on cooking and nutrition.

Social Media

F2F Food Leaders List (Twitter)
A list I have created of leaders in shaping the food movement and food policy.  Follow the list to keep up on the ever changing food discussion.


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