Where to Start

Where to Start


New around here?  Well take a look at how Fast to Fresh can help you get started on your journey to healthier eating.  Throw out the fast food bag and get down to some real food!

Start Where You Are

Well, the best place to start is where you are.  Take a bit of a personal assessment to decide where you are now with your health and where you want to go.

What do you want to change about your health?
What are your reasons for changing your habits?  Are you trying to limit or fix a health problem?  Do you just want more energy?  Identify your motivations for getting started and it will help you stay motivated later on.  It will also help you focus on the areas you need to change most.

Are there habits that you already know you need to change?
Do you have a super sweet tooth or a daily soda that you know you need to change?  Start out with a few weeks of using a food journal to see what kind of eating habits you have right now.

What kind of obstacles do you have for healthier eating?
Identify obstacles early so you have a plan for tackling them.  Got a spouse who brings sugar into the house constantly?  Do you have a super tight budget?  Are you so busy you feel like you have no time to cook?  We will give you some resources for tackling all these obstacles (and some probably didn’t even think about!)

The Big Goals

There are 6 big goals that we consider essential for a healthier lifestyle and we want to help you get there. Think of these as the “big picture” in your plan for health.

1. Eat more plants
With all the debate about what foods are really best, vegetables always come out on top and fruit is not far behind.  Actively add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

2. Eat less animals
Cut down on your meat, dairy, and eggs. Focus on lean meats, fish, and eggs.

3. Whole grains
Whole grains have so much more health value. Switch over to whole grains for all your favorite grain products.

4. Cut down sugar and processed food
Focus on whole foods. Sugar and convenience food are alright occasionally but they should not be the focus.

5. Cook at home
Cooking at home is healthier and cheaper. Win-win! You will know exactly what is in your food.

6. Look outside the diet
Food is so essential in fueling healthy bodies but there are plenty of other areas to look to in our health.

Taking the Steps

Small steps are what it takes to reach these big goals and also focus specifically on those areas you want to change most.  That is what Fast to Fresh is all about! Let us help you get to the big goals through daily steps. Here’s how:

Weekly health steps:  Sign up for our newsletter to get a weekly health step to work on. Try to turn your one week experiment into a lifelong habit.

Browse the Ideal Diet Guidelines page:  You may not feel able or willing to go cold turkey, but this is the diet we consider the ultimate ideal based on the research and people’s experience.

Read the blog:  It will be highlighting health topics and looking at specific research into what actually is healthy for our bodies. Especially look at “Getting Started” posts to get some of the very basic eating guidelines.

Get more help:  Browse the resource site page for more help on your journey.