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steph and michele
Aren’t those cute kids? Oh wait, that’s us!

Stephanie Ashbycreator, health science lover, and reluctant exerciser

I would have to say that the beginning of my real passion for health science was my toxicology class in college. The body is an amazing machine and I love to see how it works behind the scenes. Everything is so interconnected and balanced.  It just blows my mind every day.

I started life as a basic meat and potatoes kind of girl and I have struggled with my weight since middle school.  My freshman year in high school I decided to change my lifestyle to embrace better health. I didn’t need to be super skinny but I also did not need to carry around the extra weight that would keep me from enjoying life and bringing the family history of diabetes down around my head. It isn’t easy and I didn’t change overnight. With healthy lifestyle changes (like the ones here on Fast to Fresh!) I maintained a healthy weight and had the energy to do just about anything I wanted.

My weight has crept up a little on me now that I am a busy mom and not trudging back and forth across campus for school or dancing 4 days a week.  So this blog is as much a promise to myself to follow what I know to be healthy as it is to inspire you as well.

I am a mother of 5 and appreciate the challenges that come now that I am working on raising a healthy family with a busy schedule. I am not perfect or perfectly healthy so I think we are all in the journey together.


Michele Vilseckcontributor and gluten-free guru

I have the same meat and potato origin, but we’ve each found our own path to better health.  I have been gluten-free for over 10 years.  (And recently completed a gluten-free cookbook called GLUTEN FREE MADE EASY).  I developed Celiac’s disease in High School during a time when “gluten-free” was not a buzzword and I had to learn a lot of things by trial and error. My own health challenges and mysteries have led me to read many books and dabble in all sorts of health remedies, including traditional doctors, acupuncture-based allergy healing, Kangen water and the Simply Healed emotional healing to name a few.  I seek out the solution to my problem until I find it.  Then, I continue searching because there is always more.

I think we all continue to struggle with our own bad habits, food addictions, or lack of a desire to exercise, but I firmly believe that you only fail if you quit trying.  Tomorrow is another day.


So Why Fast to Fresh?

The goal here is to inspire you, provide the most amazing resources you have ever seen, and be your go-to place for making the journey to healthier eating as easy as possible.  Because everyone deserves a healthy life.  You can read a little more about our blog philosophy at the Why We Are Here page.

Thanks for stopping by and joining our journey toward health.